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Interactive Panaboard



Panaboard is a revolutionary whiteboard that improves the efficiency of all types of meetings, both daily discussions and major presentations, and also allows information to be effectively shared between presenters and participants, and even with people who cannot attend.




Projector Mode


This mode allows presenter full control of the board with the help of an electronic pen. Annotations can be made on presentation slides and printed out for later use of sent to students via email.



Whiteboard Mode


The screen can be used just as a board i.e. written on and images can be projected to the screen while recording every session of your lecture or seminar.



Endless Screen


With the panaboard, unlimited amount of pages exist, as a result presenters do not need to erase annotations on the screen as with a regular whiteboard.


Continuous Copy Printout


The panaboard has an embedded printer hence information on the screen can be printed out seamlessly and then easily distributed.

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